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 Movie Request Rules (MUST READ)

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Movie Request Rules (MUST READ) Empty
PostSubject: Movie Request Rules (MUST READ)   Movie Request Rules (MUST READ) EmptySat Dec 11, 2010 8:52 pm

While we welcome viewer requests, there is no guarantee when and if any request will be played. That being said, viewers may request movies by posting in this forum in compliance with the rules below.

1. You may post up to 2 requests per day, but 1 request is preferred to facilitate all viewer requests. All requested movie names should correspond to the movie's title as shown below in the "List of Available Movies."

2. You may not post the same request more than once a week.

3. If you see that someone has already requested the movies you are interested in please post in their thread to show support. You may not open a second thread requesting the same movies. (i.e., please look to see what other users have requested before submitting a new request).

4. All movies are played at the pleasure of the Broadcaster and there is no guarantee when or if your request will be played, but we will do our best to accomodate our viewers.

5. Finally, remember to follow all forum rules when posting.

Sample request

Hi, I would really like to see Bruce Lee-Enter The Dragon.

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Movie Request Rules (MUST READ) Empty
PostSubject: List of Available Movies   Movie Request Rules (MUST READ) EmptySat Dec 11, 2010 9:25 pm

3 Ninjas
5 Elements Of Kung Fu
5 Pattern Dragon Claws
7 Commandments Of Kung Fu
7 Samurai
8 Escorts
8 Masters
10 Shaolin Disciples
14 Blades
18 Bronzemen
18 Fingers Of Death
18 Shaolin Golden Boys
18 Shaolin Riders
36 Crazy Fists
36 Deadly Styles

A Better Tomorrow
A Dangerous Place
A Hero Never Dies
A Man Called Hero
A Slice Of Death
A Touch Of Zen
A World Without Thieves
Above The Law-Yuen Bao
Afro Samurai Resurrection
Along Comes The Tiger
American Ninja I
American Ninja III Blood Hunt
American Ninja IV Annihilation
American Ninja V
American Samurai
American Shaolin Kick Of The Kickboxers II
American Yakuza
Angel Force
Art Of Fighting
Ashes Of Time Redux
Azumi I
Azumi II

Bad Blood
Bangkok Adrenaline
Bare Knuckles
Be A Man Samurai School
Beach Of the War Gods
Belly Of The Beast-S.Seagal
Best Of The Best I
Best Of The Best II
Big Stan
Big Trouble In Little China
Black Belt
Black Dynamite
Black Eagle JCVD
Black Panther
Black Ransom
Blade Of Fury Aka One Dagger Collapsed City
Blazing Temple
Blood And Bone
Blood And Bones
Blood Brothers Jiang Hu
Blood Of The Leopard True Color Of Heroes
Blood The Last Vampire
Bloodfist III
Bloodsport I JCVD
Bloodsport II
Bloodsport III
Bloodsport IV
BloodSport V [The Red Canvas]
Book And Sword
Book And Sword II Final Battle
Born Invincible
Born To Fight
Breathing Fire
Bruce Lee Against Supermen-HCT
Bruce Strikes Back
Buddha Assassinator
Buddhist Fist
Bullet In The Head
Bulletproof Monk
Burning Paradise
Butterfly Lovers

Cantonen Iron Kung Fu
Carry On Pickpocket-Sammo Hung
Chinese Boxer
Chocolate - Jejee Yanin
Circle Of Fury
Circle Of Pain
City Of Violence
Close Encounters Of Spooky Kind 1-Sammo Hung
Close Encounters Of Spooky Kind 2-Sammo Hung
Contour [Action Awarded]
Coweb [
Crippled Masters
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon [Dubbed]
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon [Subbed]
Curse Of The Golden Flower

Dance Of Death
Dead Or Alive
Death Duel Of Kung Fu
Death Duel Of The Mantis
Death Games
Death Warrior
Detective Dee [2010]
Don't Give A Damn-Sammo Hung
Double Dragon
Double Impact JCVD
Double Team JCVD
Dragon Chronicles -Maidens Of Heavenly Mountains
Dragon Claws
Dragon From Russia
Dragon From Shaolin
Dragon Lives Again
Dragon Squad
Dragon The Bruce Lee Story
Dragon The Master-HCT
Dragon Tiger Gate
Dragonball Evolution
Dreadnaught-Sammo Hung
Drunken Dragon
Drunken Master II [Dance Of Drunken Mantis]
Drunken Master III
Drunken Master Strikes Back
Drunken Monkey
Duel 2000
Duel Of The Seven Tigers
Duel To The Death
Dynamite Warrior

Eagle's Claw
Eagle Fist
Eastern Condors-Sammo Hung
Enter The Eagles-Shannon Lee
Enter The Fat Dragon-Sammo Hung
Enter Three Dragons
Executioner [Beheaded]
Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger-HCT

Fatal Contact
Fatal Move [Sammo Hung]
Fighter In The Wind
Fight Back To School
Fighting Beat
Fist Full Of Talons
Fist Of Fear Touch Of Death - HCT
Fist Of Fury 1 [S.Chow]
Fist Of Fury 2 [S.Chow] Majestic Dragon Of Caricature (NS)
Fist Of Golden Monkey
Fist Of The Warrior
Fist Power
Flying Dragon Leaping Tiger-Sammo Hung
Foot Fist Way
Fortune Code - Sammo Hung
Four Dragons Aka Kinta
Four Invincible
From Beijing With Love
Frozen Flower
Full Contact

Game Of Death 2 Aka Tower Of Death
Gangster High
Geisha Assassin
Gen-X Cops I
Gen-Y-Cops II
God Of Gamblers 1
God Of Gamblers 2

Hail To Judge
Hard Boiled
Hard Gun
Hard Target JCVD
Hard Revenge Milly I
Hard Revenge Milly II: Bloody Battle
Hero Of Kwangtong
Hero Youngsters (NS)
Heroic Trio
High Kick Girl
His Name Is Nobody
Hitman In The Hand Of Buddha
Hot The Cool And The Vicious
House Of Flying Daggers
House Of Fury

Iceman Cometh
In The Line Of Duty 1 [Royal Warriors]
In The Line Of Duty 2 [Yes Madam]
Incredible Kung Fu Mission
Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick
Infernal Affairs I
Infernal Affairs II
Infernal Affairs III
Invisible Fist
Invisible Target
Iron Angels
Iron Dragon Strikes Back-HCT
Iron Fisted Monk-Sammo Hung

Justice My Foot

Kamui Gaiden
Karate Bull Fighter-Sonny Chiba
Karate Bearfighter-Sonny Chiba
Karate For Life- Sonny Chiba
Karate Kid I
Karate Kid II
Karate Kid III [2010]
Kickboxer JCVD
Kill Bill Vol.1
Kill Bill Vol.2
Killer - Gordon Leu
Killer Of Snake & Fox Of Shaolin
Killing Machine - Shaolin Karate
King Of The Kickboxers I
King Of Beggars
King Of Fighters
Kinta Aka Four Dragons
Knockabout-Sammo Hung
Kumite [Star Runner]
Kung Fu's Hero R.Flicks
Kung Fu - David Carradine & Brandon Lee
Kung Fu Chefs
Kung Fu Dunk
Kung Fu Fighter
Kung Fu Genius
Kung Fu Girls
Kung Fu Hustle
Kung Fu Killer II
Kung Fu Master-Yuen Biao
Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda Secrets Of Furious Five
Kung Fu Scholar
Kung Fu Tootsie
Kung Fu Vs Acrobatic
Kung Fu Wing Chun [2010]
Kung Pow

Lady Dragon
Lady Snowblood
Last Airbender [2010]
Last Dragon
Last Hurrah For Chivalry
Last Samurai
Leg Fighters
Legacy Of Rage [Brandon Lee]
Legend Of A Fighter, Secret Master
Legend Of Black Scorpion
Legend Of Chun Li Aka Street Fighter
Legend Of Seven Monks
Legend Of The Dragon
Legend Of The Drunken Tiger
Legend Of Twin Dragons
Legend Of Zu Warriors
Legendary Assassin
Les Formidables
Lethal Angels
Lethal Ninja
Lion Heart JCVD
Little Godfather
Lone Wolf And Cub 1 - Sword Of Vengeance
Lone Wolf And Cub 2 - Baby Cart At The River Styx
Lone Wolf And Cub 3 - Baby Cart To Hades
Lone Wolf And Cub 4 - Babycart In Peril
Lone Wolf And Cub 5 - Babycart In The Land Of Demons
Lone Wolf And Cub 6 - White Heaven In Hell
Lone Wolf And Cub - The Final Conflict

Mafia Vs Ninja
Magic Crane
Magnificent Butcher-Sammo Hung
Magnificent Kick
Magnificent Natural Fist
Magnificent Warriors
Man From Hong Kong
Mantis Fist & Tiger Claws Of Shaolin
Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung
Mask Of The Ninja
Master Killer [The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin] [Dubbed]
Master Of The Flying Guillotine [Aka] One Armed Boxer Vs The Flying Guillotine
Merantau Warrior
Militant Eagle
Millionare Express
Moon Warriors
Mortal Combat I
Mortal Combat II
Musa The Warrior
Muay Thai Chaiya
My Kung Fu Sweetheart
My Mighty Princess
My Wife Is A Gangster I
My Wife Is A Gangster II
My Wife Is A Gangster III

Naked Weapon
Ninja 2009
Ninja Assasin
Ninja In The Dragon's Den
Ninja Squad Killers Invincible
Ninja Strikes Back
Ninja Vs Bruce Lee
Ninjitsu 1
Ninjitsu 2
No Retreat No Surrender
No Retreat No Surrender 2 Raging Thunder

Odd Couple - Sammo Hung
Once Upon A Time In China 4
One Arm Hero
One Armed Boxer
One Armed Swordsman Vs 9 Killers
One Dagger Collapsed City Aka Blade Of Fury
Only The Strong
Operation Scorpio

Pantyhose Hero-Sammo Hung
Peace Hotel
Peacock King
Pedicap Driver-Sammo Hung
Perfect Weapon
Playboy Cops
Power Kids
Princess Blade
Prodigal Son

Quest JCVD

Raging Phoneix - Jejee Yanin
Rapid Fire
Real Bruce Lee-HCT
Rebellious Reign
Red Cliff 1
Red Cliff 2
Reign Of Assassins [2010]
Replacement Killers
Return Of The Tiger-HCT
Revenge Of The Drunken Master [1980]
Revenge Of The Ninja
Riki-Oh The Story Of Ricky
Ring Of Death
Royal Tramp I
Royal Tramp II

Sam The Iron Bridge
Samurai School Be A Man
Saviour Of The Soul I
Saviour Of The Soul II
School Of Shaolin
Secret Ninja Roaring Tiger
Secret Of Shaolin Kung Fu
Secret Rivals I
Secret Rivals II
Seven Arhats (NS)
Seven Grandmasters
Seven Star Grand Mantis
Seven Steps Of Kung Fu
Shadowless Sword
Shanghai 13
Shanghai Shanghai-Sammo Hung
Shaolin Drunk Fighter
Shaolin Drunk Monkey
Shaolin Drunken Monk
Shaolin Girl
Shaolin Invincible Sticks
Shaolin Kung Fu (NS)
Shaolin Long Arm [Duel Of The Masters]
Shaolin Monk Fights Back
Shaolin Red Master
Shaolin Soccer
Shaolin Temple Strikes Back
Shaolin Traitorous-Sammo Hung
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead
Shaolin Vs Lama
Shaolin Vs Manchu
Shaolin Vs Ninja
Shaolin Vs Tai Chi
Shinobi Heart Under Blade
Shogun Assassins 1
Shogun Assassins 2
Shogun's Shadow
Shootfighter I Fight To The Death
Showdown In Little Tokyo-Brandon Lee
Silver Hawk-Sammo Hung
Skinny Tiger + Fatty Dragon-Sammo Hung
Sleeping Fist
Snake Deadly Act
Snuff Bottle Connection
So Close
Soul Brothers Of Kung Fu-HCT
South Shaolin Master I
South Shaolin Master II
Spin Kick
SSF I Sister Street Fighter
SSF II Hanging By A Thread
SSF III Return Of The Sister Street Fighter
SSF IV Fifth Level Fist
Storm Riders
Storm Riders [Wind And Cloud]
Storm Warriors
Story Of Drunken Master (NS)
Street Fighter I Sonny Chiba
Street Fighter II Sonny Chiba
Street Fighter III Sonny Chiba
Street Fighter JVCD
Street Fighter Legend Of Chun Li
Struggle Through Death
Super Gang
Sword Of Many Loves
Sword Of The Stranger [Anime]
Sword With No Name
Swordman I

Tai Chi Boxer
Tai Chi Shadow Boxing
Tai Chi Warriors
Taoist Wizard Jeon Woo Chi
The Dragon The Hero
The Good The Bad The Weird
The Man, The Myth-HCT
Three Kims (Mr. Kim Vs. Mr. Kim)
Three Kingdoms Resurrection Of The Dragon-Sammo Hung
Thundering Mantis
Tiger And Crane Fist Savage Killers
Tiger Blade
Tiger On The Beat
Time Cop II
Tracing Shadow
Treasure Hunter
True Legend
Twin Daggers
Twins Mission-Sammo Hung

Unbeaten 28
Underdog Knight
Undersiege I-S.Seagal
Undersiege II-S.Seagal
Undisputed II
Undisputed III Redemption
Universal Soldier III Regeneration-JCVD

Vanquisher Suay Samurai Dragon
Victim-Sammo Hung
Volcano High


Wake Of Death-JCVD
Wandering Monk
Warrior And The Wolf
Warrior From Shaolin
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth
Warriors Two-Sammo Hung
White Dragon
White Monkey Warrior
White Tiger
Wind Blast [2010]
Woman On The Run
Wonder Seven
Wu Shu-Sammo Hung
Wu Shu Warrior
Wudang-Fist And Guts [Wutang Rare]
Wudang-Eighteen Fatal Strikes
Wudang-Incredible Kung Fu Master-Sammo Hung
Wutang-Mystery Of Chess Boxing
Wudang-Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu
Wutang-Shaolin Drunkard Wutang Master
Wudang-Shaolin Exmonk
Wudang-Shaolin Vs Wutang
Wudang-Magic Kick
Wudang-Undaunted (NS)
Wutang Vs. Ninja Ninja Hunters

Young And Dangerous I
Young And Dangerous II
Young And Dangerous III
Young And Dangerous IV
Young And Dangerous V
Young And Dangerous VI Born to Be King
Young And Dangerous The Prequel

Zatoichi Blind Samurai
Zatoichi-Darkness Is His Ally
Zatoichi-Meets The One Armed Swordsman

RARE KUNG FU MOVIES [1970 - 1980]

Angry River
Black Belt Karate
Bloody Fists
Cheeky Chap
Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu
Crazy Horse & Intelligent Monkey
Daggars 8
Descendants Of Wing Chun
Dragon Force [Big Rascal]
Drunken Arts Crippled Fists
Eight Escorts
Eighteen Jade Arhats
Fighting Dragon
Fist Of The Double K
Five Elements Of Kung Fu
Furious Slaughter
Hero Of Waterfront
Instant Kung Fu Man
Jade Claw Crystal Fist
Kung Fu's Hero
Loot AKA Bloody Tattoo
Mighty Four
Moonlight Sword And Jade Lion
Ninjas And Dragons
No37 Plot
Of Cooks And Kung Fu
Revenge Of Kung Fu
School Of Shaolin Aka Iron Monkey
Shaolin Kids AKA Shaolin Death Squad
Shaolin Heroes
Showdown At The Cotton Mill
Six Kung Fu Heroes AKA Six Heroic Figures
South Shaolin & North Shaolin
Snake In The Monkey Shadow
Thousand Mile Escort
War Of The Shaolin Temple
Ways Of Kung Fu
Writting Kung Fu


Bruce Lee-Big Boss
Bruce Lee-Fist Of Fury
Bruce Lee-Enter The Dragon
Bruce Lee-Way Of The Dragon
Bruce Lee-Game of Death
Bruce Lee-REAL Game Of Death [UNCUT]
Bruce Lee-Green Hornet [KATO]


DY-14 Blades
DY-An Empress And The Warriors
DY-Ballistic Kiss
DY-Butterfly And Sword
DY-Bodyguards And Assassins
DY-Cheetah On Fire [Donnie Yen Gordon Liu]
DY-Drunken Tai Chi
DY-Fist Of The Red Dragon [Heroes Among Heroes]
DY-Flash Point
DY-High Voltage
DY-In The Line Of Duty IV
DY-Iron Monkey I
DY-Iron Monkey II
DY-Legend Of The Fist [2010] Return Of Chen Zhen
DY-Legend Of The Wolf
DY-Mismatched Couples
DY-New Dragons Gate Inn
DY-Painted Skin
DY-Revenge Of The Kung Fu Master
DY-Seven Swords
DY-Shanghai Affair
DY-SPL [Sha Po Lang]
DY-Tiger Cage I
DY-Tiger Cage II
DY-Wing Chun


JC-Accidental Spy
JC-Armour Of God I
JC-Armour Of God II
JC-Big Brawl
JC-Blade Of Rose [Huadu Chronicles]
JC-Cannonball Run
JC-City Hunter
JC-Crime Story
JC-Cub Tiger From Kwang Tung
JC-Dragon Fist
JC-Dragon Lord
JC-Dragons Forever
JC-Drunken Master [Dubbed]
JC-Drunken Master [Subbed]
JC-Fantasy Mission Force
JC-Fast Funny And Furious
JC-Fearless Hyena
JC-Fearless Hyena II
JC-Fist Of Anger
JC-Forbidden Kingdom
JC-Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu
JC-Heart Of The Dragon
JC-Island Of Fire
JC-Jackie Chan's First Strike
JC-Karate Kid III [2010] HD
JC-Killer Meteors
JC-Legend Of The Drunken Master
JC-Little Big Soldier (NS)
JC-Kung Fu Master Looking For Jackie
JC-Magnificient Bodyguards
JC-Mr Nice Guy
JC-My Lucky Star
JC-My Story
JC-My Stunts
JC-New Fist Of Fury
JC-Police Story I
JC-Police Story II
JC-Police Story III [Super Cop]
JC-Police Story IV [Jackie Chan's First Strike]
JC-Police Story V [New Police Story]
JC-Project A I
JC-Project A II
JC-Rumble In Bronx
JC-Rush Hour I
JC-Rush Hour II
JC-Rush Hour III
JC-Shanghai Knights
JC-Shanghai Noon
JC-Shaolin Wooden Man
JC-Shinjuku Incident
JC-Snake And Crane Arts Of Shaolin
JC-Snake In The Eagle's Shadow
JC-Master With Cracked Fingers [Snake Fist Fighter]
JC-Spiritual KungFu
JC-Spy Next Door
JC-To Kill With Intrique (NS)
JC-Twin Dragons
JC-Twins Effect
JC-Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
JC-Wheels On Meals
JC-Who Am I
JC-Winners And Sinners
JC-Young Master [Dubbed] The Dragon
JC-Young Master [Subbed] The Dragon
JC-Young Master [Extras]


JL-Adventure King Aka Dr. Wai
JL-Black Mask
JL-Bodyguard From Beijing
JL-Born To Defend
JL-Contract Killer
JL-Cradle To The Grave
JL-Dr. Wai
JL-Dragon Fight
JL-Evil Cult
JL-Enforcer [My Father Is A Hero]
JL-Fearless [Dubbed]
JL-Fearless [Dubbed And Subbed]
JL-Fearless [UNCUT]
JL-Fist Of Legend
JL-High Risk [Meltdown]
JL-Kiss Of The Dragon
JL-Last Hero In China Once Upon A Time In China 5
JL-Legend I
JL-Legend II
JL-Legend Of The Red Dragon [New Legend Of Shaolin]
JL-Legend Of The Swordsman
JL-Lethal Weapon 4
JL-The Master
JL-OUATIC V [Last Hero In China Aka Claws Of Steel]
JL-OUATIC VI [And America]
JL-One, The
JL-Romeo Must Die
JL-Shaolin Temple I
JL-Shaolin Temple II [Kids From Shaolin
JL-Shaolin Temple III [Martial Arts Of Shaolin] [SB]
JL-Mummy Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor
JL-Twin Warriors Tai Chi Master
JL-Unleashed Danny The Dog
JL-The War


Tony Jaa-Battle Warrior Mission Hunter II
Tony Jaa-Bodyguard 1
Tony Jaa-Bodyguard 2
Tony Jaa-Hard Gun
Tony Jaa-Ong Bak 1 HD
Tony Jaa-Ong Bak 2 HD
Tony Jaa-Ong Bak 3 HD
Tony Jaa-Spirited Killer
Tony Jaa-The Protector [UNCUT]



SB-3 Evil Masters Aka The Master
SB-12 Deadly Coins
SB-13 Fighters Aka Heroic Ones
SB-36th Chamber Of Shaolin Aka Master Killer
SB-8 Diagram Pole Fighter
SB-All Men Are Brothers
SB-Avenging Eagle
SB-Bare Footed Kid
SB-Bastard Swordsman
SB-Bat Without Wings
SB-Bells Of Death
SB-Black Butterfly
SB-Black Lizard
SB-Bloody Parrot
SB-Boxer From Shantung
SB-Boxer From Temple
SB-Boxer Rebellion
SB-Brave Archer I
SB-Brave Archer II
SB-Brave Archer III
SB-Brave Archer IV And His Mate
SB-Brother Five
SB-Buddha's Palm
SB-Call To Arms
SB-Cat Vs. Rat
SB-Challenge Of The Masters
SB-Chinese Boxer
SB-Chinese Super Ninja Aka Five Element Ninjas
SB-Clan Feuds
SB-Clan Of Amazons
SB-Clans Of Intrique
SB-Claw Of The Eagle Aka Kid With A Tattoo
SB-Come Drink With Me
SB-Coward Bastard
SB-Crazy Shaolin Disciples
SB-Crippled Avengers
SB-Deadly Breaking Sword
SB-Dead End
SB-Deadly Duo
SB-Deadly Knives
SB-Death Duel
SB-Death Kick Aka Master Of Kung Fu
SB-Death Valley
SB-Descendant Of The Sun
SB-Dirty Ho
SB-Disciples Of Shaolin
SB-Disciples Of The 36th Chamber
SB-Dragon Gate Inn
SB-Dragon Missile
SB-Dragon Swamp
SB-Duel Of Fists
SB-Duel Of The Century
SB-Executioners From Shaolin
SB-Fangs Of The Tigress Aka My Young Auntie
SB-Fastest Sword
SB-Fighting Fool
SB-Finger Of Doom
SB-Fist Of The White Lotus
SB-Five Deadly Venoms
SB-Five Element Ninjas
SB-Five Fingers Of Death Aka King Boxer
SB-Five Shaolin Masters
SB-Five Super Fighters
SB-Five Tough Guys
SB-Flag Of Iron
SB-Flying Guillotine I
SB-Flying Guillotine II
SB-Gang Master
SB-Golden Swallow
SB-Have Sword Will Travel
SB-Heaven And Hell
SB-Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre I
SB-Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre II
SB-Heroes Of Sung
SB-Heroes Of The East Aka Shaolin Challenges Ninja
SB-Heroes Shed No Tears
SB-Heroes Two
SB-Heroic Ones
SB-Holy Flame Of The Martial World
SB-House Of Traps
SB-Human Lanterns
SB-Imperial Swordsman
SB-Invincible Fist
SB-Invincible Shaolin
SB-Iron Buddha
SB-Jade Tiger
SB-Jade-Faced Assassin
SB-Judgment Of An Assassin
SB-Kid With A Tattoo
SB-Kid With The Golden Arms
SB-Killer Army
SB-Killer Clans
SB-King Boxer
SB-King Eagle
SB-Kung Fu Instructor
SB-Lady With A Sword
SB-Legendary Weapons Of China
SB-Lion Vs Lion
SB-Long Chase
SB-Long Road To Gallantry
SB-Mad Monkey Kung Fu
SB-Man Of Iron
SB-Magnificent Raffians
SB-Magnificent Swordsman
SB-Magnificent Trio
SB-Magnificent Wanderers
SB-Marco Polo
SB-Martial Club
SB-Masked Avengers
SB-Master Aka Three Evil Masters
SB-Master Killer I 36th Chamber Of Shaolin
SB-Master Killer II Return To The 36th Chamber
SB-Master Killer III Disciples Of The 36th Chamber
SB-Master Of Kung Fu Aka Death Kick
SB-Master Strikes Back
SB-Men From The Monastery
SB-Mighty One
SB-Monkey Kung Fu
SB-My Rebellious Son
SB-My Young Auntie Aka Fangs Of The Tigress
SB-Na Cha The Great
SB-New One Armed Swordsman
SB-New Shaolin Boxers
SB-New Tales Of The Flying Fox
SB-Ode To Gallantry
SB-Opium And The Kung Fu Master
SB-Pursuit Of Vengeance
SB-Proud Twins
SB-Proud Youth
SB-Pursuit Of Vengeance
SB-Rape Of The Sword
SB-Return Of The Bastard Swordsman
SB-Return Of The Five Deadly Venoms Aka Crippled Avengers
SB-Return Of The One Armed Swordsman
SB-Return To The 36th Chamber
SB-Rivals Of Kung Fu
SB-Savage Five
SB-Seven Blows Of The Dragon [Water Margin]
SB-Seven Men Army
SB-Shadow Boxer
SB-Shadow Boxing
SB-Shaolin Abbott
SB-Shaolin Avengers
SB-Shaolin Challenges Ninja
SB-Shaolin Daredevils
SB-Shaolin Hand Lock
SB-Shaolin Intruders
SB-Shaolin Mantis
SB-Shaolin Martial Arts
SB-Shaolin Prince
SB-Shaolin Rescuers
SB-Shaolin Temple
SB-Silent Swordsman
SB-Silver Fox
SB-Sword Of Swords
SB-Supreme Swordsman
SB-Sword And The Lute
SB-Sword Of Swords
SB-Sword Stained With Royal Blood
SB-Swordswomen Three
SB-Taste Of Cold Steel
SB-Temple Of The Red Lotus
SB-TenTigers Of Kwangtung
SB-Thunderbold Fist
SB-Tiger Killer
SB-Tigress Of Shaolin
SB-Trail Of The Broken Blade
SB-Treasur Hunters
SB-Twelve Gold Medallions
SB-Twin Blades Of Doom
SB-Twin Swords
SB-Two Champions Of Shaolin
SB-Vengeful Beauty
SB-Village Of Tigers
SB-Wandering Swordsman
SB-Warrior Of Steel Aka Man Of Iron
SB-Web Of Death
SB-Weird Man
SB-What Price Honesty
SB-Young Vagabond
SB-Young Rebel


Doc-Top Fighter
Doc-Dragons Of The Orient
Doc-Top 10 Deadliest Kung Fu Weapons [National Geographic]
Doc-Human Weapon Kung Fu [History Channel]
Doc-How Bruce Lee Changed The World [History Channel]
Doc-Bruce Lee The Immortal Dragon [Biography]
Doc-Bruce Lee A Warrior's Journey
Doc-Bruce Lee Kung Fu Mania
Doc-Bruce Lee The Legend Lives On
Doc-Bruce Lee Fighting Method
Doc-Jeet Kune Do
Doc-Martial Arts Hot Spots
Doc-Art Of Action Martial Arts In Motion Picture
Doc-Martial Arts World Tour
Doc-Samurai Sword
Doc-Shaolin Kung Fu
Doc-Shaolin Wheel Of Life [Rare]
Doc-Xtreme Martial Arts [Discovery]
Doc-Shaolin Kung Fu [Discovery]
Doc-Shaolin Wheel Of Life [Performance]
Doc-Ultimate Fitness For Martial Arts


A-Team 2010 [Extended]
A Dangerous Man [2009] S.Seagal
A History Of Violence [2005]
Abyss Director's Cut [1989]
Aftershock [2010]
Alien I [1979] Director's Cut
Alien III [1992]
Alien IV Resurrection [1997]
Altitude [2010]
Angels And Demons [2009]
American Gangster [2007]
Apocalypse Now [1979]
Band Of Brothers [2001]
Bear [1988]
Blade I [1998]
Blade II [2002]
Bourne Identity [2002]
Bourne Supremacy [2004]
Bourne Ultimatum [2007]
Braveheart [1995]
Charlie Chaplin [1925] Gold Rush
Charlie Chaplin [1936] Modern Times
City Of The Living Dead [1980]
Cliffhanger [1993]
Crimson Tide [1995]
Con Air [1997]
Crow [1994]
Crows Zero I [2007]
Crows Zero II [2009]
Da Vinci Code [2006]
Deep Impact [1998]
Deer Hunter [1978]
Devil's Playground [2010]
District 13 [2004]
District 13 Ultimatum [2009]
Downfall [2004] Hitler and the End of the Third Reich
Edge Of Darkness [2010]
Enemy At The Gates [2001]
Exorcist [1973]
Every Man's War [2009]
Event Horizon [1997]
Fast And The Furious [2001]
Fast And The Furious [2003] 2 Fast 2 Furious
Fast And The Furious [2006] Tokyo Drift
Fast And The Furious [2009] Wild Speed Max
First Blood I [1982]
First Blood II [1985]
Flags Of Our Fathers [2006]
For A Few Dollars More [1965]
From Paris With Love [2010]
Full Metal Jacket [1987]
G.I Joe The Rise Of Cobra [2009]
Garfield [2004]
Godfather I [1972]
Godfather II [1974]
Godfather III [1990]
Green Zone [2010]
Grown Ups [2010]
Hangover [2009]
Harold And Kumar II [2008]
Heat [1995]
Hunt To Kill [2010]
Hurt Locker [2008]
I Am Legend [2007]
Independence Day [1996]
JFK [1991] [Directors Cut]
Kill Speed [2010]
L.A Confidential [1997]
Lady Vengeance [2005]
Last Man Standing [1996]
Last Exorsizm [2010]
Lebanon [2009]
Liar Liar [1997]
Machete [2010]
Mask [1994]
Matrix I [1999]
Matrix II Reloaded [2003]
Matrix III Revolutions [2003]
Maximum Risk [1996] JCVD
Million Dollar Baby [2004]
Minority Report [2002]
Mirrors II [2010]
Mission To Mars [2000]
Mr And Mrs Smith [2005]
Muppets-A Muppet Family Christmas [1987]
Muppets-Christmas Letters To Santa [2008]
Muppets-From Space [1999]
Muppets-Great Muppet Caper [1981]
Muppets-It's A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie [2002]
Muppets-Kermit's Swamp Years [2002]
Muppets-Muppet Christmas Carol [1992]
Muppets-Muppet Treasure Island [1996]
Muppets-Muppets Take Manhattan [1984]
Muppets-The Muppet Movie [1979]
Muppets-Wizard Of Oz [2005]
Marine [2006]
Master And Commander [2003]
No Country For Old Men [2007]
Old Boy [2003]
On Deadly Ground [1994] S.Seagal
Out For Justice [1991] S.Seagal
Open House [2010]
Orphan [2009]
Over The Top [1997]
Platoon [1986]
Pulp Fiction [1994]
Rambo [2008]
Requiem For A Dream [2000]
Return Of The Living Dead [1985]
Return To House On Haunted Hill [2007]
Rocky I [1976]
Rocky II [1979]
Rocky III [1982]
Rocky IV [1985]
Rocky V [1990]
Rocky Balboa [2006]
Ronin [1998]
Saints And Soldiers [2003]
Saving Private Ryan [1998]
Scream I [1996]
Scream II [1997]
Scream III [2000]
Shaun Of The Dead [2004]
Shooter [2007]
Showgirls [1995]
Snakes On A Plane [2006]
Speed [1994]
Spongebob Squarepants [2004]
Spongebob Squarepants To Squarepants Or Not To Squarepants [2009]
Paul Blart Mall Cop [2009]
Rec I [2007]
Rec II [2009]
Spy Game [2001]
Stranger [2010]
Taking Lives [2004]
Titanic [1997]
Terminator I [1984]
Terminator II [1991] Judgement Day
Terminator III [2003] Rise Of The Machines
Terminator IV [2009] Salvation
Thick As Thieves [2009]
Thin Red Line [1998]
Titanic [1997]
Titanic II [2010]
The Car [1977]
The Day The Earth Stood Still [2008]
Top Gun [1986]
Toy Story 3 [2010]
Tremors [1990]
Triple Tap [2010]
Under Siege I [1992] S.Seagal
Under Siege II Dark Territory [1995] S.Seagal
Under The Mountain [2009]
V For Vendetta [2005]
Vertical Limit [2000]
Wake Of Death [2004] JCVD
Whiteout [2009]
Zombieland [2009]

Madonna Sweet & Sticky Tour [2009]

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